Our Cats...
We have had five cats in our married life: Obi (short for Obsequious), Ubi (short for Ubiquitous), Abbi (so named to keep the letter "b" in her name), Erbi (named for Edgar Rice Burroughs) and Lolli (short for Lollibop, whom we thought we'd call Elbee until we realized that Lolly is a great cat name).  The first two, raised by Ginnie from their kitten days, were Obi (1989-2006) and Ubi (1990-2007).  After Obi died we adopted Abbi, a Persian cat whose owner, the mother of a friend of Ginnie, had to move into a nursing home.  Then Ubi died and we soon after adopted Erbi who came to us at about the age of four in 2007 when we were informed that his owner might euthanize him. Tragedy soon struck again, however, when  Abbi died of kidney failure at the estimated age of about five later in 2007; we had had her for only about six months.  Again down to one cat, in 2008 we adopted Lolli from a shelter in Cincinnati.  Lolli was still a kitten, not quite fully grown, when she leaped (literally) into our lives.  We have had and enjoyed Erbi and Lolli ever since, from 2008 to the present.