Pulp Magazine Web Sites
Pulp magazines pre-dated me by a number of years but their legacy is still felt.  The pulps (as they're called) were generally 100% fiction magazines which began in about the early 1890s and lasted into the 1940s.  At first the pulps were general interest magazines with something for every member of the family.  In time, however, their audiences became very specific with some pulps being devoted to westerns, others containing science fiction and many other topics such as detective stories, mysteries, baseball, aviation, boxing, hunting, adventure, etc., etc.  Hundreds of pulp magazine titles were created over the long period in which they were popular.  Because this required a tremendous input of fiction, fiction often written by fledgling writers, the pulps quickly became a breeding ground for the writers of the twentieth century, almost all of whom first cut their teeth by first writing for pulp magazines. Here are a few sites where can be found electronic recreations of complete issues of past pulp magazines.