The Burroughs Bibliophiles

AFFECTIONATELY known as the BBs, are an organization dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs, the man, his works and his memory.

Among other things, the organization sponsors two annual meetings.  The larger of the two, called a Dum-Dum in a reference to gatherings of the apes depicted in Burroughs' Tarzan tales, is usually held in the late summer of each year.  The smaller meeting, called an ECOF for Edgar Rice Burroughs Chains of Friendship, generally meets earlier in the summer or in late spring.  The meetings have been held annually for more than fifty years, bringing together fans and creating lasting friendships in the process. 

On this page can be found links to videos taken at some but by no means all of the meetings that have been held.  Here the interested viewer can see and enjoy the experience of attending a meeting in person.